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Thursday, February 25, 2010

please stand by

I noticed today that my blog viewership is down six percent. I know I don't write that much anymore; there's a reason.

Things are finally sort of normal in my life; go figure. I mean I am still crazy, that hasn't changed. My life is sort of good and I am settling into somewhat of a routine.

Now I am also feeling like I might be in a rut and that's why life feels somewhat stagnant; however, I haven't really pinpointed any one thing I need to change or do to change that. I wonder if sometimes we're supposed to be in a rut so we can figure our own way out of it as a part of one of our many life lessons.

At any rate, I am here. I am alive and doing well. Yes, I continue to face challenges and obstacles, but I guess I am just trying to deal with them as gracefully as possible.

Stay with me my friends. Please stand

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