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Monday, May 14, 2012

i bet you never knew this, but i'm bi-coastal

There may be an opportunity to move to Los Angeles/West Hollywood near the end of summer to start a job that runs through November. It's exactly the type of job I want to do, but it means leaving the great city of convenience that is New York City. The twist is that I could actually move back and forth, if I remained with the company, which is never a given. January through June in New York and July through December in California; it's really my dream come true. I just don't know if the timing is right or how it will turn out for me.

In NYC, my medical care and medicine is completely covered. Here, I rely on the subway to take me everywhere, whereas, LA's public transportation is not as extensive. Being a CA native, I know I would need a car if I wanted to get away, especially being so close to San Diego family and friends. Not having a car in CA can be a nightmare, but driving there is one, as well. Aside from these things, I have also grown with friends and places here. My cats are New Yorkers and even though it's only been four years, so am I. I have always dreamed I would live out a majority of my adulthood here. Maybe I will, but not in the way I dreamed it.

The advantages of living in LA are obvious: the climate, the weather, the lack of precipitation, the sunshine; whatever you want to call it, it's my true love. Also, I love the laid back culture of Southern California, the palm trees lining the boulevards, the beautiful beaches (the beautiful lifeguards), authentic Mexican food, fresh citrus and avocados (and guacamole), and so much more. 

New York is my mistress, but California is my wife.

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell..."

I always make decisions based on instinct, my gut, my heart, and not so much with whatever intellect I may have. The mind gets easily confused, but the core of me really knows what I am looking for. 

In 1999, I knew I was supposed to move to Georgia; 
the answer just came.
In 2003, I knew I was supposed to move to Washington, D.C., 
the answer just came.
In 2004, I knew I was supposed to move back to Georgia, 
the answer just came.
In 2008, I knew I was supposed to move to New York, 
the answer just came.

Those answers came after thinking, pondering, feeling, meditating, praying, searching, talking to others, and then making a choice and waiting for validation or confirmation that the choice I made was correct. That confirmation never came before I left, but much later when I reflected on the move and my choices. Every move, every opportunity has taught me something about myself and has made it possible to serve others in a way I would not been able to elsewhere. I know I have crossed paths with people in my life only because of taking such leaps of faith, journeying into the unknown.

Will I one day reflect on moving to LA and know that it was the right choice to make?

I guess I'll never know unless I do it.

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