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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Seventh Sun

I am currently working on my other blog,  
The Seventh Sun: A Collection of the Creative,
that is comprised of my lyrics, poetry, short-stories and soon, artwork.

I am basically going through all my creative work and laboriously transcribing every handwritten work onto my blog so it's easier to access and save.

I hope that you will take the time to read my work. Creative writing and art in all its forms are a large part of who I am.

Here are some poems that I haven't published on the blog yet, that I wanted to share with you:

"Morning Prayer"

sometimes living in this world
it seems like i am all alone and it is a little scary
but when i fall on my knees, plead and pray to god,
i know that christ is with me

i do not always remember
to keep hope and faith in my heart
when i forget them altogether
that is when the spirit seems to part

i bow my head so i don't go too far
then i know that he hears me
and even answers my prayers
he sends me all the comfort that i need
and releases me from my captor's snare

just a little faith and a lot of hope will suffice
to feel the great, unconditional love of jesus christ
that is why i thank god, heavenly father above
for our morning prayers together
and his many gifts of love


"Bread of Life; Living Waters"

in memory of his sacrifice
when jesus gave up his life
to give his body and his blood
was to give us his greatest love
though he surely, for us, had to die
the lord omnipotent did surely rise


"My Shepherd"

how many times must i wander
from thy flock, oh lord?
how many days must i spend lost,
wounded, alone and scared?

i cannot help but to cry
"where are you lord in my hour of need?"
i am afraid i can cry no more
lest the wolves find my weakness before thee.

my shepherd, my lord, my savior , my friend;
i pray do not leave me in the wilderness to die.
come to my aid and rescue; please save me,
i am wounded and broken where i lie.

my shepherd, my lord, my savior, my friend;
come to me, bandage my wounds and carry me home i pray.
put me on thy shoulders and show me thy mercy;
grant me thy peace, thy love and thy grace.
my shepherd, my lord;
carry me home to stay.


"I Have Slipped"

oh my shepherd and my savior,
wilt thou bend thy ears to my voice?

oh my lord and my friend,
wilt thou give they peace to my soul?

oh my rock and my healer,
wilt thou mend my broken heart?

oh my messiah and my redeemer,
wilt thou live to make me whole?


Thanks you for your support in all of my many endeavors.

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