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Thursday, December 19, 2013

intrepid stratagem

Ace of asphyxiated souls.
King of ominous silhouettes.
Queen of condemned caveats.
Jack of succedaneous hearts.
Joker of riotous whisperings.

One-eyed Jack.
          He has seen too much.
The Black Lady.
          The mother of all carnage.
Suicide King.
          Never lost his innocent soul.
Laughing Boy.
          A head full of nonsense.
Flower Queen.
          Darkness eludes her quiet heart.
The Man with the Axe.
          More powerful than he knows.
Cardinal of Death.
          Hurts the ones he loves.

Am I the player or the played?
Wild presumptions are easily made.
I am the proteus one whom the game knows well.
My swollen heart has no place to dwell.
Hearts are fragile records; played and broken.
Forever listening to the words rarely spoken.
My mind is a nomad wandering in the desert daylight.
Minds are naive prey caught in plain sight.
Trusting the charm and beauty of their malevolent predator.
Hearts and minds should stay in the shadow of their protector.