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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

awakening shadows

Never thought life would be reduced to this;
That I would vanish without a real good-bye.
Knowing we will always care for another;
It is not the same; this must be a lie.

We had such times together.
We made the uphill climbs together.
Surviving every kind of weather.
And now the whether or not there will be forever.

Turned upside down wondering,
What am I meant to do?
If there's a new life ahead,
Why would it not be there with you?

Never had a chance to discover.
What are we all about?
Maybe it is just that simple,
And I live in constant doubt?

You say I needed a break;
So, that is why I feel so shattered?
Virtually destroyed; ruined.
My dreams are abruptly tattered.

Asking if I think I will ever come back there,
How could I dare and why?
There has to be a reason,
That I would fly without open eyes.

For now, I will hold on,
But I will not be holding onto you.
It takes everything I have within me,
Not to throw it away for a moment or two.

Who knows what is in store?
What will this new journey bring?
Maybe I am not the only one
Who needs to spread their wings.

Soar as high as you can!
Leave the Earth behind!
Our love for one another,
Will never be lost in time.

Awakening shadows,
Dark and frightening as it may be.
Releases the pain and sorrow,
And all the fear inside of me.

Awakening shadows,
You must do the same!
Find your inner demons,
And give them your name!

Love and a brighter hope;
We carry inside us, the fire!
Through mysteries and darkness,
We will carry one another!

You have been caught Jey Walking!