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Friday, January 18, 2013

inordinate thrills

Look! Here you are.
There! Behind the tears.
Look! Beyond the darkness.
There! Center stage; hidden.
Look! Mysterious, elusive illusions.
There! Alluding to the heart.
Look! The soul; free, but easily trapped.
There! Chained to your mind.
Look! The blood of imagined wounds.
There! Gagged, bound, and screaming.
Look! The laughter of insanity.
There! The comedy of errors.
Look! The chase of inordinate thrills.
There! Flickering lights as they melt.
Look! Statues forming from puddles.
There! In the neon abyss.
Look! Shadows withering away.

Friday, January 11, 2013

how did i get here?

"Sorrowing Old Man" (At Eternity's Gate) by Vincent van Gogh

White lights
Blank faces
White rooms
Blank places

Echoes in the hallway
Hollow voices in the air
Jagged reflections
Warped emotions everywhere

Sadness turns to madness
Crying, kicking, screaming, silence, endless staring
Mourning the death that should have been
I think of God His Son not sparing

River of life cuts its way towards death
Our navigator brings us to Hades, through chutes and ladders
Fire and brimstone awaits our arrival
Gnashing of teeth is mere endless, mindless chatter

Control is a commodity
Situation, Thoughts, Feelings, Behaviors
Cognitive therapy for emotions and actions
Optimistic change if we dare