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Thursday, June 19, 2014

divine deviance

Dark dirty dive of divine deviance
Gazing eyes
Groping hands
Intoxicated smiling monsters
Waiting to rape and murder willing victims
Diseased hearts
Fractured minds
Naked inebriated bodies
Vandalized mirrors reflect truth
Through smoke and desperation
Scantily clad heroes of the night
Lead the lambs to the majestic slaughter
The price is time but yields dreams racing through eternity
Gyrations of grandeur awaken
Even the most dormant of worshipers
Validation sought to ease an aching soul
Life is sucked out of eager voyagers
Their remains fall to the wayside or to the deep abyss
While flurries of saline and sucrose
Spread wildly across the skies
Followed by mass exodus
Into the bleak and desolate badlands
Walking in isolation
Back to the cavern of devastating seclusion
The sun rises with hungry withdrawals
Demons and monsters
Devils and angels
Blindly return night after night
For the few alienated outcasts
All that exists is that moment
When everything stops
As they watch each other explode into oblivion
Titillating annihilation is the intersection
Where heaven and hell collide
As they dive into the dark and dirty depth
Divine deviance makes them come together