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Saturday, November 29, 2008

what can we do?

December 1st is World AIDS Day - who cares, right?

What can WE really do about it?

I want to talk about what we can do for World AIDS Day.

I am starting a special fast TONIGHT through tomorrow for those with HIV/AIDS

I call on those who can and are willing to participate to join me in one united fast and one united prayer that those who struggle will have the care they need - that those who struggle with addiction that led to infection may find the help they need that leads to change - and that they will want to change, that a cure will not only be discovered, but made available to all, not just the rich. I am fasting and praying that leaders across the world and our future government leaders will do more, spend more to help educate, outreach and prevent further transmission of HIV.

Here's my story:

Three years ago today I walked out of AID Atlanta diagnosed as HIV positive.

A lot has changed in three years including my health.

Since August my T-Cells (helper cells/CD-4) have gone down and my viral load has stayed high. Doctors recommend medication to positive patients whose T-Cells have dropped below 350 or whose viral load is consistently high.

My T-Cells have been below 350 since May 2008 and have dropped down to 303. HIV positive patients that drop to 200 T-Cells are diagnosed as having AIDS (You must be HIV positive to be diagnosed with AIDS - you can't get AIDS.)

Starting this December I will be looking at medicine or my first "cocktail" (a mixture of meds) to start fighting the HIV virus in my body. Unfortunately, these potent drugs can cause adverse side effects - so I may not feel so great this holiday season. Also, I can become immune to the positive effects of a drug and have to switch to another drug which also comes with its own side effects. This is a process I have been avoiding because of school, but now I have to face the music and the holiday break is the ideal time to do this.

The point of this email is to ask you to take part in a special fast on my behalf and on the behalf of all those who struggle with HIV/AIDS including my mother. I will be fasting all day Sunday, November 30th for World AIDS Day on December 1st. I also ask that as many of you that are willing to go to the temple during this time would really be appreciated. I am not sure how it works to get my name on a temple prayer list.

This is a huge transition for me in my life, especially right now. I am praying that Heavenly Father will provide my doctor with the right knowledge needed to prolong my life as long as He wills me to be here. I am praying that the medicine that is chosen will be the right one to help me overcome HIV. I am praying that I will have the faith and courage to make better lifestyle choices to assist me in having higher quality of health. Please join me in these prayers on my behalf.

I love all of you and I am so thankful you are in my life. I trust you and know that I am in your thoughts and prayers already. I know that if we join together in this special fast that God will hear our prayers and bless us for our faith.

Just one more thing, prayers and fasting are awesome, but if anyone would be willing to make a contribution of time or financial means to your local HIV/AIDS organization for World AIDS Day it would mean a lot to me.

There are a number of things one can do to observe World AIDS Day! Buying Starbucks that donates only 5 cents to the Global AIDS Fund through product (red) is not the greatest idea - but how you observe it is up to you. I suggest an action because faith without works is dead. I never feel like my prayer will be answered if I do something on my part to make it happen or get the ball rolling.

Thank you so much for joining me and others in this united fasting and prayer.

You have been caught Jey Walking!


Bravone said...

I hate fasting (even though I often go without two meals during the week) but I am on board for you.

jey walker gladstone said...

Thanks buddy - I have learned that a faithful fast and prayer is never done alone and it has brought happiness to my life each time I've done it sincerely.