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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Letter and Call for Action from a friend

A Letter and Call for Action from a friend:

"Dear Friends, Family and Business Associates-

Recently I vowed to serve my nation as a member of the Armed Forces. It is something that I feel compelled to do, something that I feel is right, something that I feel is my role. It may seem out of character, but truly what is out-of-character about wanting to protect and serve the nation I call home? Being a member of the military requires the highest moral standards and requires living up to a creed of excellence far above the rest of society.

However, there is legislation that prevents all member of the armed service from serving with Honor in everything that they do. This legislation, Don't Ask Don't Tell, requires service men and women to lie about something so very trivial. It is also discriminatory and flies in the face of the very freedoms that the military seeks to protect.

"Liberty and justice for all." That is the pledge of allegiance that I remember saying each and every day as a young school boy. I don't recall saying 'liberty for those that i like and not for anyone else', or 'justice for those I deem religiously acceptable,' or 'liberty and justice all except the gays.' That wasn't the lesson that I was
taught. I was taught by my parents, my teachers, my friends that anyone with a dream and a desire to abide by the laws of this land that protect ALL could achieve their dream and become great. So I ask each of you to please support the repeal of DADT and support those men and women that seek to become great and do great things in the service of this nation.

Regardless of your faith, your political party, or your personal feelings this is the right thing to do and must be done. Please stand with the President, whether you like him or not, as he tries to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Please call your Congressmen and ask them to support the Repeal of DADT

Contact your Senators and ask them to support equality for all and Repeal DADT

I just did will you join me? 

-N. E.

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