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Saturday, June 28, 2008

the blind man who saw

"Healer" by Mark Mabry (Reflections of Christ)

The Blind Man Who Saw
written by Jey Gladstone

There was a certain blind man blinded at an early age
Sent off into a dark world to venture on his own
He was cast away from family
He felt alone at church-he had no friends
His community simply rejected him

So he wandered with all his hurt
He didn't understand his blindness
What caused it-when, how or why
No one would give him answers only 'cause he was blind

So he wandered more and just kept on going
He would bump into things-hurt himself-fall down-stumble and cry
He really couldn't help it no matter how hard he tried
To him-the only life he knew was blind
No one offered a hand-a kind voice-or a light
The blind man's world was cold and dark
It offered no relief from the night

The blind man tired of trying - sick of falling and getting hurt
Ventured into his darkest corner where nobody would come to search
Once in awhile he'd reach out begging for water or food
But he's only be scoffed at-rejected-even beaten and often bruised

The blind man sunk so deeply
He never wanted to see the light
He hid as far back into his corner as he could
Losing hope to ever have sight

Then one day he heard footsteps-a few of them walking by
He hadn't heard such sounds where he lived
Where he was is where men die
He started to hear voices-not as harsh as he's heard before
He wondered if they could help him with a little food or more

He wrestled with the decision
Should I stay? or Should I go?
But he knew deep within him if he never left he'd never grow

The blind man thought of the risk
What if they beat me to a pulp?
What if they'd kill me and take away what's left of my hope
Then something welled within him
A feeling he'd hardly felt before
He felt that it was worth taking the journey once more

So he crawled out of the darkness
Yes, bumping-stumbling-falling on the way
But he finally made it into some light
For the first time in a long time felt the warmth of the sun's rays

He could still hear the voices-the footsteps traveling by
He gathered all his strength with him and let out a plea and cried

Oh Lord of Lords - my Master
My Savior-My Friend-whoever you might be
Would you have some kindness on a lonely blind man
Do you have food or water that I need?

He was shaking at the very core while he stayed kneeling on the ground
There was a deafening silence in the air - not even a sound

Then the blind man heard someone ask
Whose fault is it that this man is like this?
Some others said it was his parents
Others said it was his sin

The blind man felt ashamed
For certainly even he didn't know
He's tried to figure that question out
But no answers have come

Another man stood forth
The blind man could sense him draw near
The other man knelt to pick something off the ground
What was he to do was still unclear

The other man answered NEITHER
Not his parents fault nor was it his
Hearing this made the blind man smile and feel so warm within

The other man drew closer and put his hand on the blind man's head
The blind man started to shake but then came peace he's never had
The other man took mud and put it all over the blind man's eyes
The blind man wasn't sure what to do but he heard the other man cry

But that the power of God may be manifest this man will be healed
The mud was wiped from his eyes - the feeling was surreal

Stand and be blind no more said the other man to the blind
Something wonderful was in store that he would soon find

The blind man's eyes filled with tears that helped wash away the mud
But when he opened his eyes he saw unconditional love

HE SAW! HE SAW! and all he could do was SEE!
He saw so much for the first time - it made him so happy
He fell back down to his knees

Oh Lord MY Lord - MY Master
I was once blind but now can see OH so far!
I can see the distant horizon - the azure sky - the clouds
the trees and the glorious sun
I can also see and feel that you are the Almighty One!
shouted the once blind man as he rejoiced
The other man stood and smiled and said in a beautiful voice

You are healed my son and you are forever mine-I can be your friend
And now that you can see I will walk with you and also be your guide
I want you to follow wherever I might go - to the end
I want to give you everlasting food and water -
A new life for you to live
I've opened your eyes so that to others you might give
Your gift of love and compassion because there are others like you who are cannot see
You can go to reach them - help and rescue them - just like me
Will you be my follower? Even take upon you my name?
I promise you everlasting blessings and release from all the shame

The blind man was so energized - so fresh - clean and pure
He knew he could help other blind men
Whose lives were darkened, cold and voices unheard

The blind man said YES! with a resounding voice
I'll do my very best because now I have a choice
Lord, I will always follow you-I will listen and obey what you say
I will walk in your footsteps and help others on their way
The other man said Thank You and the men-together- left that place
The blind man has begun his walk with the other man
And received His eternal grace

I will continue to follow the Mighty One - the very Son of God
For I am the blind man who-through the Lord's healing- finally saw!
And what I saw was the love of the other man
My Lord-My Master-My Savior-My Friend
I know if I will follow Him
I will be made whole and saved in the very end.


Yvonne said...

I like it, Jey. I like the perspective and the thoughtfulness about the scripture story. I haven't seen you at all because I haven't been around. Are you alright? You've been sounding a little off-kilter the last couple of posts... Do you need someone to bake you something? ;o)

Bethany H. said...


jey walker gladstone said...

thanks - i still like to look back on this - it was a beautiful moment of writing.