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Thursday, January 1, 2009

the change resolution

So I felt strongly that I should post something today, like so many other people, regarding the New Year 2009 and my resolutions - then I was inspired by these lyrics - the performance is awesome! (see below) I just love how music and lyrics can inspire and touch me like this song.

I Am Changing from Dreamgirls


Look at me, Look at me
I am changing
Trying every way I can
I am changing
I'll be better than I am
I'm trying to find a way to understand
But I need you, I need you
I need a hand

I am changing
Seeing everything so clear
I am changing
I'm gonna start right now, right here
I'm hoping to work it out
And I know that I can
But I need you, I need a hand

All of my life I've been a fool
Who said I can do it on my own?
How many good friends have I already lost?
How many dog nights have I known?
Walking down that wrong road
There was nothing I could find
All those years of darkness
Could make a person blind
But now I can see

I am changing
Trying every way I can
I am changing
I'll be better than I am
But I need a friend
To help me start all over again
That would be just fine
I know it's gonna work out this time
'Cause this time I am
This time I am

I am changing
I'll get my life together now
I am changing
Yes I know how
I'm gonna start again
I'm gonna leave my past behind
I'll change my life
I'll make a vow
Nothings gonna stop me now


Aric said...

Nice, Jey. I love this song. Very fitting for the New Year's experience. Thanks!

Cliff said...


I just thought you should know that our daughter's middle name is going to be Rebekah. Not "Rebecca" but Rebekah. And guess who picked it? This guy. Not to bad for a gentile, eh?


jey walker gladstone said...

I love you guys!