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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Every Christmas season I am reminded of one of the gifts brought to Christ at His birth by the wise men: gold. I often wonder what gift I could give to my Savior for the many gifts He has given to me; what could I place on the altar for Him.

In Job 23:10 it reads that, "But He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold."

It dawned on me years ago that, though Christ gave me the gift of life, my gift to Him is that very life He gave me - He wants ALL of me back. Am I willing to sacrifice what He has given me and return it ALL back to Him? Am I willing to trust Him, follow Him and allow Him to refine me so that I may become something more than I could create on my own?

It is my true desire to show Him my love, adoration and sincere devotion by allowing Him to make me into a gift fit for His kingdom.

This song is one of my very favorites:

"GOLD" (from Camille Claudel)
lyrics by Nan Knighton music by Frank Wildhorn
as performed & recorded by Linda Eder

I wonder if when all is done
Anyone heard my voice
But from the start, we have no choice
Our journeys just begin

I'll never know if I was right
Did I fight hard enough?
Or when the battles grew to rough
Should I have given in?

But here I stand and swear to you
I did the best that I could do
I know my voice was just a whisper
But someone may have heard
There were nights the moon above me stirred
And let me grab a hold
My hands have touched the gold!

My heart's been driven by extremes
Blind with dreams, tight with fear
But still, God knows that I was here
And I was so alive!

So now I lay the past to rest
For in the end I did my best
You have to live the life you're given
And never close your eyes
You hold on and stare into the skies
And burn against the cold
For any moment, you might find the gold

And there was joy
Through it all
And I am standing tall

I know my voice was just a whisper
But someone must have heard
There were nights the moon above me stirred
And let my life take hold
I rode across that sky
And once I touched the gold!

Here in my own two hands
I once held the gold

You have been caught Jey Walking! (you're lookin' good!)


Bravone said...

Jey, you have been through the Refiner's fire and are like gold. Merry Christmas!


jey walker gladstone said...

Steve- bless your heart and a belated merry christmas to you!