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Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011: A year in preview

I didn't do a 2010 year in review, sad. 2010 wasn't all that bad, but I'd rather not waste my time trying to remember what happened. I have only one resolution which is to not having any resolutions; contradictory much?

I've decided to look forward into the new year starting with what I've learned so far in 2011:

I spend more than I make; financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. In all these ways I'm more in debt than I will admit. 

In New York City, the wind, rain or snow will always blow in my face regardless of the direction I'm headed or how hard I try to block it from hitting me.

Cats become friends much like people do. They express their opinions and fight until they realize they have something in common, then, they play.

It's time to take care of myself because no one else should have to do it for me.

I don't need hundreds of "friends" on Facebook, I need a few close friends to spend time with, talk to and love.

It's a waste of time expecting that an impossible problem will someday turn into a possible solution.

There's a lot more to minimalism than I previously thought; mostly effort and willpower is required.

I may say I want to be re-baptized, but what really want is everything to be handed to me without sacrifice and that is what makes me cry.

I may say I love my family and friends, but I don't show it. I stand around waiting for them to show their love to me.

Agency is not easy. Choosing to come here and get a physical body is a blessing, but I can understand why some chose what they thought was the easy way out.

It's not the gifts I give or get, but the love expressed in them that matters. An expensive, thoughtless gift from someone who is only trying to patronize or impress me is not as touching as the simple, thoughtful gift I know and feel came out of  love and vice versa.

Who and where I surround myself dictates my choices and character.

"Conformity is your greatest asset in your quest for acceptance. How highly you prize your individual personality traits, characteristics, vices, and styles will impact how you interact and integrate within your specific social strata. Some people have such overwhelming charisma, looks, ambition, personality, or testimony that they can overcome severe deficiencies in other areas. Most people don't, and assimilation is their best bet." Joe P. Smith

Making stupid choices leads to stupid consequences.

A relationship of any type must be tested for it to survive.

Don't expect anything more. Don't accept anything less. / Accept more. Expect less.

One day a cure will be found for HIV/AIDS, but that won't necessarily save my life if I don't find ways to cure myself of my spiritual and emotional diseases.

I shouldn't write for fortune cookies.

Happy New Year 2011!

You have been caught Jey Walking!


Bethany H. said...

Great realizations and outlooks. *HUGS* Love you, my dear friend.

Justin said...

"I shouldn't write for fortune cookies." This one's my favorite.