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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

past, present, future lover


for six years
we were stuck 
with repetitive conversations 
we could not say what we could have said

your eyes spoke 
a certain language 
to me they said words 
I only now comprehend

we met in passing 
every now and then 
occasionally hinting 
of our mutual adoration

your smile said 
"I love you"
before I learned 
to see

all at once 
the stars aligned 
as we orbited the universe 
of our bodies, hearts, and minds

your arms 
make me feel safe 
no longer was I 
the abandoned runaway

the way you love me 
chases away 
darkness, doubt
and fear

your heartbeat 
in my ears 
said I could be yours 

the way you love me 
brings me 
smiles, joy, warmth
and laughter

your soul 
intertwined with mine 
makes the light within 
grow brighter

the way you love me 
cannot be bought 
with manipulation 
or fortune

your ears 
heard my voice 
before I learned 
to speak

the way you love me 
is a source of life 
I cannot live 

six years 
have passed
onward, further
we go

learning, living
loving each other
makes the wait
completely worth it

we are now 
ignited fusion 
our love sealed 
together by fire

the way you love me 
gives way 
to hopes and dreams 
I never imagined


Duck said...

I love your words, so descriptive. Especially liked "your heartbeat in my ears". I was trying to figure out what that many, then I saw that the way someone hears a person's heartbeat in their ears is if they are close to their chest, snuggled up, laying on top of, then someone could hear heartbeat with ears and it all made sense. Very beautiful, very descriptive, emoted a lot of feeling. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing.

Jeff "Jey Walker" Gladstone said...

Thank you for reading my stuff. This is one of my favorite recent pieces. I'm glad you like it! Happy Holidays! :)