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Thursday, July 24, 2008

southern hospitality

I got to thinking - finally...

All this talk of New York City and I have failed to acknowledge the place that has gotten me this far

Atlanta - HOTLANTA - Capital of the South! Where would I be right now if I wasn't here. Literally, I suppose I'd still be in Washington, DC but I doubt it. I could be in California - but I probably would have left again by now.

It took me four years to figure out - yeah - I was meant to come here - not necessarily forever - but at least long enough to learn a few things.

So here's to southern hospitality and the lessons I learned:

When giving directions - include the exit number - it's easier that way

Southern people don't understand why anyone would call it "THE" 400, "THE" MARTA, "THE" don't confuse them

No matter what you do on the road, simply attach a little wave of the hand - it seems to fix everything - even fatal collisions & near death experiences

Leaving the slightest hint of space between you and another car is an invitation for any one - even three lanes over to cut in

The state motto: Wisdom, Justice & Moderation means wisdom & justice are to be used in moderation - this of course does not apply to Jack Daniels

Apparently anyone is allowed to run a red light as long as it has only been red for under seven seconds - so, yes - you CAN block an intersection even when there is a sign saying not to

Pedestrians don't use sidewalks - they use the force of being hit by cars to get them where they want to go - so please be considerate and hit a pedestrian

If you see a sidewalk - please try to understand that it will dramatically cease to exist at any point (the sidewalk does really end) - wear appropriate shoes for such occurrences.

If you aren't screaming and sprinting to catch "THE" MARTA bus - how will they know you want a ride?

On a more serious note I have learned that it may be difficult to make close friends immediately - but when you make close friends here - you have friends for life - through thick and thin.

I have met some of the most amazing people here in Atlanta who have taught me so much and helped me grow to where I am now. I am blessed to have had such an experience and to leave knowing I am always welcome back with plenty of open arms.

I appreciate and love each of you who have joined me on part of my journey.

love Jey

You've been caught Jey Walking! (and I know you like it!)


squashley10 said...

Jey - I love you!

When you said open arms...I totally busted out the Journey when you come back, expect my arms to be open and a lovely serenade to go with it :)

Yvonne said...

I loved out loud. Thanks. That's very welcome in the middle of thesis writing!

M Crew said...

This is hilarious. My favorite is about the sidewalk- I don't know why, but it made me giggle.

jey walker gladstone said...

I just visited Atlanta - all of this still applies - good on you ATL for not changing!

Jay said...

Oh this makes me smile. I'm going to school in Atlanta right now. And all of this is sooo sooo true. I'm pretty sure the streets of Atlanta were designed by the National Anti-Walking Organization. ;) And I thought a bus stop meant the place where the bus stopped when I was growing up. Oh, how MARTA has changed my view of that.