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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

thanks billy joel

Early on the morning of March 31st - a few days after my classes ended and I graduated college - I got an email saying that I am an acceptable Master's candidate for Milano The New School for Management & Urban Policy in New York City this Fall.

Since then my mind has daily spasms of dreams come true and nightmares realized - a bittersweet concoction of fear, doubt, overwhelming joy and excitement. There are days I think both "Am I ready for New York?" and "Is New York ready for me?" I've come to realize that what I am embarking upon is the beginning of the new authentic ME that sees my vision of my dreams coming to fruition while confronting and conquering my fears. You know, cause if I can make it there, I can make it anywhere and I intend to make my vision come alive EVERYWHERE!

So now one might wonder what that vision is...
Life has thrown me quite a few curveballs and obstacles - I'd venture to say I've even created some those obstacles myself -REGARDLESS - my vision has been and always will be basically this:

I will share all that I have - talents - gifts - knowledge/wisdom - time and means to those who - like me - have endured life's curveballs - continued to fight and are looking to create for themselves a new life and see their visions come alive.

I will achieve this through starting an organization for youth and young adults that focuses on assisting abused foster youth and emancipated young adults in various ways. The organization will also focus on Drug Abuse Prevention Outreach & Education. I will also have an HIV/AIDS Outreach Prevention & Education team serving young adults who are at risk and/or already infected.

I know New York City is the place for me to learn more about how to achieve such goals and, of course, network with others interested in assisting is such a large project and ongoing work.

I am so happy to know in my heart that I am taking the right steps to provide myself with the credentials needed to start and take on such work. I am ecstatic knowing that God supports the work I want to do. The more I think about all the amazing things I've witnessed and experienced in my life and all the things I am about to engage myself into - I can't help but to thank Billy Joel for inspiring me with a New York State of Mind. Thanks Billy Joel!

I hope New York is ready for me...Start spreading the news...

You've been caught Jey Walking! (and there it's ok :D)

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