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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

what 29 means

Aw yes - I am finally 29 years old today!

I am so happy to be that much closer to thirty - but I am getting ahead of myself - I must enjoy the year ahead as it comes.

What lies in store in the next year?

August: move to NYC
September: start grad school
October: miss all my Atlanta friends a lot more!
November: NYC Thanksgiving / Macy's Parade - Vote for US President as a New Yorker!
December: enjoy NYC holiday season / go to Cali for Christmas hopefully to warm up - first grad school semester completed! Oh yeah and NEW YEAR'S EVE NYC style!
January: make resolutions!
February: break resolutions and someone's heart on V-Day!
March: start defrosting!
April: spring break!
May: half way thru grad school!
June: start planning a huge NYC 30th Birthday party for this guy I know!
July: yeah, you know - party 'til dawn the next week! / Fourth of July NYC!

So what does 29 mean?

Birthday Number 29

Optimism will be your best friend. You are imaginative and creative, but rather uncomfortable in the corporate world. You are very aware and sensitive, with outstanding perceptive skills and analytical abilities. The number 29 reduces to 11, one of the master numbers, which often produces much nervous tension. Learn to be calm and cool. This is the birthday of the dreamer rather than the doer. You will maintain good contacts.

Today's most reliable unreliable horoscope:

You'll have high energy today, although it might not kick in until later in the day. More than help you get a lot of stuff done, this buzz will help you make some changes within your group of friends. Not everyone is on the same page right now, and these differences are causing people to forget how much they truly care about each other. It's time for a party or other type of group event where everyone can relax and enjoy hanging out together. Plan something with all that energy of yours!

Today brings a sense of starting over, though you may not be entirely sure what part of your life is changing. That's okay -- you just need to make sure you're open to new possibilities.

Is your birthday day 2 of the month?
Your Life
You have great common sense but usually fail to follow through. This might happens because you are too busy with your mission and shut yourself from the outside world. You are clever and profound so there's a slight chance for self-control problem.

Your Love

Your love progress slowly, and quietly. You seem to be contented with your unrequited love. Your are a romantic and loyal lover.

ANYWAY - so I thought this would be a fun little post...I'm not sure any of this stuff can hold up in court.

You've been caught Jey Walking!


Bethany H said...

OMG! I totally suck. I was blabbing about being depressed and didn't even wish you a Happy Birthday. That won't happen again. I hope it was a decent one. Oh and hey thank you. You are awesome.

Sara said...

Happy (late) birthday, Jey! I hope this proves to be a good year for you!

(I must correct your March predictions, though . . . You will not defrost in March in NYC. It's still pretty chilly!)

jey walker gladstone said...

you're right I am still defrosting near the end of july!