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Monday, December 15, 2008

something's coming

During this fast I recently held I requested a blessing from a friend. In the blessing it was mentioned to me that my life was on the Lord's timetable - as I believe all of our lives are. I felt something different though - I have since felt a deep urgency to get my life in order; to no longer procrastinate and to prepare for something that is coming - just as Tony sang in West Side Story - but most likely unrelated.

A few days later I sort of had a half-conscious dream of a name - the name of a foundation/organization. I am in school for Nonprofit Management and I had a dream about a foundation that doesn't exist, yet - is it a sign or just a dream?

The thing is I care about three things a lot:

HIV/AIDS related issues and policies
Foster Children's Rights Advocacy / Child Abuse Prevention
Drug Abuse Education & Prevention

So I guess I wonder what it is I am here for...what's my purpose? What does God want me to do to better myself and to serve Him?

Is it to manage a nonprofit, be an advocate/lobbyist, write a blog/books/essays, run for public office, be a motivational speaker OR am I supposed to live the gospel, be a good friend, a loving brother and testify of Jesus Christ and His gospel of peace and salvation and not worry about others so much (is that considered living the gospel)?

Today was my last session of my Making A Difference: Global, Organizational & Individual Perspectives on Social Change class.
We had our last discussion stemming from these three thought-provoking questions:

What kind of change do you plan to bring about?

What does "social change" mean to you?

What kind of leadership is needed to bring about this kind of change?

Whether I live until September 21st 2013 or 2079 - I realize that I cannot continue to waste my time here on Earth - not when there is so much work I could do - so many things I can contribute with the many gifts, talents and abilities I have been blessed with.

I will say what a friend told me - I will not mock my journey. After coming so far, being blessed so much and being saved so many times - how can I turn my back now - how can I mock the journey I have made thus far? I can not. I will not.

Just some thoughts for today. I will try to tell a joke next time - I don't want to be accused of being so serious all the time.

You have been caught Jey Walking! (a little struttin' too - tisk tisk)


Bravone said...

Jey, your introspection lead me to do the same. Thank you.

Robert said...

Wow, awesome man. I'm pretty sure that I love your thoughts and writing. Really cool. It's rare when you meet somebody that is willing to dream and believe in their dreams. I'm so glad that I read this. There's something in the way you believe that tells me that you'll accomplish what you set out to do. I'mexcited to read the rest of your posts. Later man.

jey walker gladstone said...

Thanks for your support!