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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

don't mind the naked man

So, I started Monday working for Spruill Center for the Arts in Dunwoody as an Assistant to the Director of Education or "Mindy Me" - I came up with it the name today 'cause her name is Mindy...hmmm, this is why she told me not to repeat to others...

Anyway, she told me today that I should keep a record of all the tasks I am asked to do around the center because she promises me it will never be boring, mundane or simple.

Today would be a great example of that - I was asked to carry a undressed full body male mannequin across the parking lot into a classroom via the main hallway. This is not really the best part - the best would be that in order to keep all of his parts together I had to carry him by his crotch/behind and neck. This mannequin is life size and naked and the hallway was full of little girls with blank looks on their faces and mothers standing by while I passed through.

Certainly this is not the worse or most embarrassing public event I've ever been involved with - but it definitely set the standard of how odd things are probably going to get as the children's Summer Camp begins on Monday.

Here's to a fantastic and wild summer ahead!

You've been caught Jey Walking!


<3Bethany<3 said...

Ha ha! I can just picture it. I can only imagine what people were thinking! Sounds like this is gonna be right up your alley.

M Crew said...

Hey- I've signed the boys up for summer camp at Spruill Arts in July! The boys I'm referring to are the ones I nanny for.. so hopefully I'll be seeing you! :)

jey walker gladstone said...

I hope to see you there! Camp started today - crazy!

jey walker gladstone said...

I miss camp so much this year!