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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

why not?

Well, this is my first time posting to my blog I have had for about a year. Tonight, I have asked myself, why not? Soon I will leave Atlanta for New York City and it will be hard to stay in touch with everyone - even with email and Facebook.

So here it blog "Jey Walking"

I feel like I should introduce myself - but I think most of those who will view this already know me - so if you don't, you can request an introduction - for now I am going to move along.

There's not much to say tonight, but I did want to simply warn those in the Atlanta area or those visiting the ATL to stay away from Startime Entertainment. It's bad enough it sounds like either a strip joint or porn production company or both...

A friend and I dared to go underground through their doors only to smell the stench of cigarettes and... well, we'd need a CSI unit to figure out what else was going on there.

After a few steps forward, feeling very disturbed, we heard some bad music and spotted one or two people in the distance - all I can say is that it didn't feel right. My friend and I made eye contact and were feeling equally disappointed in our decision and equally scared. Then came his classic line "You're too Jewish and I'm too white for us to make it out of here alive." We basically had no chance of surviving whatever horror lie further down the hallway.

Anyway - just know that you have been warned by a white guy from Alabama and a Jew from San Diego - both known for their keen sense of judgment and observation skills, etc. Please, for the love of all that is good - don't venture down that path...

You have been caught Jey Walking!


Clint said...

"You're too Jewish and I'm too white for us to make it out of here alive." Clint Martin - 2008

jey walker gladstone said...

I love that at the time you replaced "white" for the word "gay" for obvious reasons - either way - it works