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Thursday, May 15, 2008

you've wasted like 15 mins of your life

This is a life happening of mine that occurred about a month ago - I am inspired to share it with a larger audience (meaning more than just my three co-workers).

I work at a not to be named specialty grocery store in the bakery department - it pays the bill so don't ask. No, I'm not a baker to answer your question. Anyway, there was this one evening, that was busy and full of customers asking questions and requesting special orders that I had no idea how to answer or fill - needless to say I was on the verge of being mildly discomforted and annoyingly frustrated.

A woman in the not so far distance was with her two children (maybe 7 & 10 years old) who were hungry and bored. They were walking aimlessly around the store when her child ran into a table and sent a few packages to the floor off the table. The fall opened the boxes, so the cookies touched the floor and rendered them useless. She tried to pick them up but was obviously waiting for me to do it for her (sort of like when someone asks you if they can help right as you're finishing). I went to her and took the mess away - smiled and walked away.

A few minutes later the woman with her kids came to the counter where the desserts are kept. She got my attention to which I came to the counter to assist her. I am letting you now that at this point I wasn't holding the "accident" over her head - so I came to the counter with a smile - ready to serve.

She preceded to try and make an order of cookies here, lemon bars there, a cake or three and just kept changing her mind about everything. Meanwhile her kids are whining and trying to get some free food. I wanted to offer them the cookies they knocked onto the ground and wasted - but I am not that kind of person at work :D After completing the grueling task of meeting her demands and fitting everything tightly into a box - making it look like a victorious Tetris board - the woman walked off - but not too far...

The woman then got on her phone close enough to the counter so that I was sure to hear her say... " I wonder if your grandma already got a cake...we should call her...Mom - I'm here at the not to be named specialty grocery store and have just picked up a lovely array of desserts and I was just...OH, WHAT'S THAT? (making sure I could hear her) YOU ALREADY BOUGHT A CAKE...I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO RETURN ALL THIS STUFF THIS YOUNG MAN PUT TOGETHER FOR ME SO NICELY DONE - IT WAS SO TEDIOUS - I FEEL BAD RETURNING IT - BUT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A CAKE...ALRIGHT... LOVE YOU TOO..."

My back was turned to her the entire time - though I knew that she knew that I knew I could hear her conversation. She walked back to the counter and in the most patronizing voice possible - said - "You did such a nice job - I'm so sorry - but we already have dessert." I took the box from her, half-smiled (but with glaring eyes) and tossed the box on the counter as she walked away.

Once she left I was talking to my co-worker and was like (talking to the customer who was no longer there as if she were)... Why didn't you call your mother first before wasting like 15 mins of your life. Don't say sorry to me - I get paid to be here. Say sorry to your starving and bored children who were dragged around - knocking cookies over they were so tired of being there. Don't think you've wasted my time - you've just wasted yours... (*note: I was laughing and smiling while saying this because really - I wasn't mad)

The moral of the story is: You've just wasted like 15 mins of your life!

You've been caught Jey Walking!


M Crew said...

You are a better man than me Jey! (well technically I'm not a man, but that's not the point) I would have been so annoyed at her.

Some people. They never cease to amaze me.

Lauren T. said...

I was in your store today and got a lovely marble rye and some "crispy pineapples". Everything is delicious. :)

jey walker gladstone said...

I have to say i miss working there now - it wasn't half bad